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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have some questions for us, here are some of the more commonly asked ones.

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What is a chiropractic adjustment?
It is a small thrust applied to the body (misaligned vertebra) from the hands of a chiropractor.
Will I see results right away?
This depends on a number of things like the nature and history of the illness. Sometimes, chiropractic results may be achieved very quickly. Other times, it may take weeks to months because of changes that have occurred in the body in response to the subluxation(s).
Will my pain be relieved?
In many instances, taking pressure off the nerve is all that is needed for relief of pain.
Can children be adjusted too?
Yes! It is best to have children checked for subluxations as early as possible. This will ensure that they are fulfilling their own potential to live and grow as healthy as they can.
What is the difference between what Dr. Katrina does and other chiropractors?
The biggest difference is the Gonstead Difference. Dr. Katrina uses the Gonstead system of analyzing and adjusting the spine, exclusively, which means she is very specific in finding your problem areas and in delivering precise adjustments. See our page about the Gonstead System!
Can chiropractic help more than just back pain?
Absolutely. It can help because when you receive a chiropractic adjustment, nerve interference is removed which allows your body to function better. Simply put, it helps your immune system kick in so that your body can heal itself. 
Can chiropractic help me?
Chiropractic care will benefit almost everyone in some way, just as dental care will benefit almost everyone in some way. How you respond depends on how long you have dealt with your pain/symptoms, your lifestyle and your compliance to the care plan. 
How many visits will I need?
That depends on your unique situation. Each injury/situation is different and each individual's healing response is different. I will give each patient an estimate on how long their recovery may take after the initial exam and will have an even better idea after 2-3 visits. This office does not have the same "3x a week for 6 weeks" approach for every patient. When beginning Chiropractic care in an acute condition, you may need to be adjusted more often in a short period of time to begin the healing process. Each visit builds on the next, so remain hopeful... we are! Visits will be spaced out based on your individual needs and rate of improvement. 
Once your initial complaint has improved or resolved, you may choose to maintain periodic checkups to reduce future episodes and for better overall health. 
Are chiropractic adjustments safe?
Absolutely! In fact, a New Zealand government study found that adjustments are "remarkably safe." It is the result of biologically sound, specific adjustments without the use of drugs or surgeries that has given Chiropractic care an excellent safety record. 
In comparison, 16,000-20,000 people in the US die each year from complications (bleeding ulcers and heart attacks) caused by over-the-counter pain relievers. Roughly 7 out of 1000 people will die from "routine" neck or back surgery. Many others suffer long-lasting side effects of scar tissue buildup and structural instability caused by surgery.
How do I know if I have a subluxation?
Oftentimes you can have a subluxation and not even know it! They can be present before you have obvious symptoms, like the progression of tooth decay. The best thing for you and your family is to be checked in our office with a thorough examination for the presence and severity of subluxations. After being adjusted you may find you are able to listen to your body and know when you are in need of future care. 
Can I adjust myself?
No. Turning your body or neck in one direction and/or the other may make your joints "pop", but that sound is not correcting the problem and certainly is not an adjustment! The pressure and gases released during that "pop" may immediately feel like relief, but only a licensed Chiropractor is able to adjust the actual misaligned vertebra that's really causing the tension. Even Dr. Katrina visits colleagues to get adjusted!
Are you going to "crack" my whole spine?
As a Gonstead Chiropractor, Dr. Katrina carefully analyzes your spine to determine what segments need to be adjusted and which should be left alone. With chiropractic are, more is not better. "Cracking or manipulating" your entire spine is not specific in the least and does not provide the lasting results that carefully adjusting only specific segments does. The goal is to correct the exact cause of the problem and let your body do the rest of the healing.
Why do newborns get adjustments?
The birth process, no matter how natural, can affect an infant's spine. Some studies suggest that colic, unusual crying, poor appetite, ear infection or erratic sleeping habits can be signs of spinal distress. Newborns also become subluxated in the same physical, emotional or chemical ways an adult does as well. An infant is also examined very carefully to determine if there's and, if needed, receives a gentle Gonstead adjustment involving very little pressure.
Should athletes get adjusted?
If you were a professional athlete, wouldn’t you do everything you could to keep healthy and perform at your best? Wouldn’t you take every measure to recover quickly from injuries and daily abuses that your body endures? That’s where chiropractic comes in.
Chiropractors are experts in joint function. By detecting and correcting fixation (loss of proper motion) in joints, chiropractors help athletes recover quickly from many injuries. Tiger Woods has his chiropractor with him at every tour event. Lance Armstrong had his chiropractor with him at every race. Emmit Smith has stated many times that he would have had to quit playing football years earlier without regular chiropractic care. Michael Jordan stated he improved by leaps and bounds physically and mentally since started chiropractic care. Professional athletes do not want to simply cover up symptoms with drugs or suffer permanent scarring associated with unnecessary surgery. Neither should you.
The next time you have back or neck pain, roll your ankle, tweak a shoulder, or strain an elbow or knee, see a chiropractor such as Dr. Katrina who is trained to specifically correct the alignment of your joints so you can heal faster, perform better, and stay active longer.
Do I have a slipped disk? 
No. The disc is a cartilage pad between each of your spinal vertebra that aides in your spine's connection, flexibility, movement, weight bearing and shock absorbing ability. Motion in your spine produces a pumping action to each disc allowing nutrients to enter and waste to be expelled. Because of spinal subluxations or severe trauma a disc can bulge, swell, tear, herniate, thin, dry out or collapse but it can't actually "slip" out from between the spinal bones it serves. The Gonstead Chiropractor pays special attention to your disc health. Dr. Katrina gently corrects the misaligned vertebra and restores it to a proper position in relationship to the disc, allowing the disc to heal. 
I've had back surgery, can you still help?
Yes. Surgery often leads to instability in your spine above or below the area operated on. Your Gonstead Chiropractor will be very specific to your problem areas and will avoid the surgically altered segments.
How long until I feel better?
Happily, a lot of our patients have reported immediate relief. Others experience slow progress over a period of days or weeks. There are many factors that play a role in your healing process, including the severity or length of your injury. Other factors include proper rest, nutrition, exercise, keeping your appointments and closely following Dr. Katrina's recommendations. The timing of your appointments are carefully determined based on your need for re-adjustment and time for healing. Please let Dr. Katrina know how you are doing from visit to visit, she will appreciate your honesty.
I've heard that once you get adjusted, you have to keep getting adjusted.
Is that true?
This is only true if you want to utilize the gift of chiropractic as a lifestyle, similar to an exercise, dental, or wellness program in contrast to utilizing it as a "get out of pain" service. People have found that efforts put into wellness and prevention carry you further in life's experience than dealing with sickness as it arises. By receiving regular chiropractic adjustments, people find that they have more energy and motivation, handle stress better, perform better, sleep better, amongst many other things. 
Once your initial complaint has improved or resolved, you may choose to maintain periodic checkups to reduce future episodes and for better overall health.
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