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Root Cause + High Blood Pressure

There's a root cause for everything, every action has a re-action. We must remember to find the cause of the issue versus hitting it with a treatment and walking away.

Patient story: Male in his 50's with high blood pressure.

Patient originally sought care for hip pain. His hip pain was affecting is ability to walk, work & garden.

After a few months of routine chiropractic care, patient began experiencing symptoms of benign positional vertigo when bending forward or going from sit to stand.

Patient had noted high blood pressure on his intake form, so we re-checked it before another adjustment. His blood pressure reading was 85/48 (normal is 120/80). After adjustments to his neck and upper back, his blood pressure dropped even more to 72/46.

Patient was referred to his medical doctor where they re-evaluated the dosage and amount of medication he was taking, lowered it significantly, and continued to monitor it.

The root cause to this patient's high blood pressure was nervous system interference which is why his blood pressure lowered immediately post-adjustment. Because of the trauma to his spine, his brain and body weren't properly communicating.

Sometimes adjustments give you more than what you came in for!

*Note: Not all high blood pressure cases are caused by subluxation. Chiropractic care finds the subluxation, corrects it, and the body heals itself.

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