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Electrolytes + Hydration

What's up with electrolytes and hydration?

The goal of hydration is to achieve fluid BALANCE for optimal health and performance.

Let’s focus on BALANCE – if you are chugging water without adding electrolytes, you may be over-watering which can lead to excessive stress on our organs which has been shown to be more dangerous than dehydration.

Symptoms of electrolyte deficiency: Vomiting Diarrhea Elevated blood pressure Bone weakness Low energy Headaches Muscle cramps Fatigue Weakness Insomnia Malaise

Important electrolytes to look for:

SODIUM Daily recommendation: 5000-7000mg Function: Carries electrical charges in your body and regulates fluid balance, the core of hydration

POTASSIUM Daily recommendation: 1000mg Function: Works to help the body absorb sodium better

MAGNESIUM Daily recommendations: 600mg Function: Has hundreds of functions in the body including facilitating ATP production (energy molecule that powers all living things), DNA repair and synthesis, antioxidant defense, breaking away body fat, regulates heartbeat, balances neurotransmitters in the brain, decreases inflammation, blood sugar control, and promotes relaxation.

We compared LMNT to G*torade because G*torade is seemingly one of the most popular drinks promoting electrolytes and LMNT is our personal favorite!

When you compare LMNT salts to G*torade, we see LMNT is more mineral and electrolyte dense without the unnecessary sugars, chemicals, and artificial dyes.

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