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An Immune Response is an Action to heal

When your immune system is responding, it is creating an environment to heal you.

When you are sick or are physically injured, your body signals your immune system to respond to protect and heal you. Sometimes that response looks like a fever to cook the invading cells from your body. Sometimes it's swelling to a sprained ankle, sending healing cells to the damaged tissue and to provide a natural brace.

Healing is an inside job.

I don't know about you guys, but when I need my immune system to kick on and help ya girl out, I want that system functioning full throttle and on par. Not too much, not too little, but just the perfect amount of response.

Top 2 ways to assist your immune system -

CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS When you get adjusted, not only do move bones back in place, you relieve pressure off your nervous system. Your nervous system includes your brain (the control center) and your nerves (the messengers). When there is pressure on your nerves, your brain cannot properly communicate with your body, i.e. muscles, blood vessels, organs, organ systems, etc. This may cause too strong of an immune system response (auto-immune issues) or too weak of an immune system response. Free-flowing communication allows for that sweet spot of a response.

PROPER NUTRITION The foods you eat will either help you or hinder you. It's that simple. Support from nutrition comes in one of two ways... [1] Nutrient-dense foods will help support your immune system, making it more efficient and [2] Nutrient-dense foods will not make your immune system fight the food you're eating. Two of the biggest offenders are gluten and sugar.

Of course, there's many more things you can do to strengthen your immune system, these are just a few.

Your immune system has your back, do you have its?

PS - those who eat better, hold their adjustments better. It creates a better environment for healing.

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